Auto Gestion: The Winner's Method This speech that we are going to have about managing your person by yourself, hence the expression “self-management” may seem strange to you if you haven’t already touched on it, but you will see that after reading our article, you will say to yourself that it is a pity that you didn’t know about it before.

In a land-based casino you are going to find yourself surrounded by people, be it other players or the casino staff, who are going to put as little psychological pressure as possible on you which will result in the regulation of your behavior. In an online casino, you are alone in front of your screen, nothing and no one to stop you. So if you are a little excessive, this can lead to a fairly significant loss of money. That’s why we will study self-management in the only two cases that you will have to deal with: loss or gain at the casino.

Managing your losses

Losing at the casino, I’d like to say it’s perfectly normal. If all we did was win, then we’d all be rich and casinos wouldn’t have existed for a long time. Be aware that playing in a casino is not something that will make you money, in most cases you lose money and that you have to be prepared for that. That’s why I always advise when you play, to set aside a sum for the session and tell yourself right away that this sum is lost in advance. You have to be prepared to never see it again. From that moment on, it won’t affect you as much to lose it.

The danger is not to be prepared for it and therefore to want to make up for it, that is to say to gamble even more to make up for the losses. It is a behavior that will only take you to the bottom of the hole, do not get involved, you may not get out of it.

Managing your winnings

As you will have understood, losses are dangerous if you don’t know how to manage them, but so are gains. Indeed, if you don’t realize that most online casino games work with luck, then it could quickly turn your head. For example, you win a huge amount of money. You will then think that you can do it again, which of course can happen if you are lucky. The danger here is that if you get a taste for winning and want to win again, then you’ll be led to play even more, but if you lose, then you’ll play and play until you win again. Why not just enjoy your winnings and go out and spend them on something you enjoy: a good restaurant, a gift for your spouse, a trip … Have fun!