Bonuses, we loveIn a land-based casino, I have often pushed the cork too far, and yet my first name is not Maurice. Even if I love online casino above all, I often go to play in a land-based establishment, it is true that there is this rather nice atmosphere that you will not find elsewhere, it must be admitted, this is the only advantage that I admit in favor of these gambling factories. To annoy them, I like to ask them (the cashiers) if I can get a bonus for playing at their tables, explaining that when I play online, I always get at least a 100% bonus. I’ve noticed that I deliberately annoy them a lot, probably because they have no element to answer me. So I exude a mocking smile, I take my chips and go play.

Jump on it the first chance you get

That’s why when I play online, I never miss an opportunity to activate a bonus. For every deposit I make, you can be sure that I take a bonus with it to make my bankroll grow, which will definitely help me play longer, as I am one of those players who don’t increase their bets but prefer to play over time, it’s much better in the long run.

What makes me laugh is when I hear some players say that they don’t want to play with bonuses because supposedly, bonuses would be traps for beginners, and that anyway, the conditions are too complicated to overcome. What a bunch of nonsense my poor! When you attack my article on the conditions, you will realize by yourself that nothing is insurmountable, that there are certainly some bonuses that are more difficult than others in their realization but nothing really complex.

There is something for everyone

What’s also great are the variety of bonuses you’ll find. When I talk about variety, I think about the types of bonuses:

  • Deposit bonuses: you’re going to, as the name implies, have to make a deposit in order to activate the promotion. Often you will find these bonuses at registration, and during the game.
  • The bonuses without deposit: they are more varied but also rarer. There, you have nothing to deposit, just an activation to do. You will be able to get them when you register at certain casinos if you register from certain sites where they are exclusive, such as Bonus Casino En, on your birthday, when you refer someone, etc.

Even if the no-deposit bonuses seem to you to be more appreciated, which is logical, it is with the deposit bonuses that you will be able to win the most money, but you will have understood it, you will have to make the effort to credit your player account. Never forget the proverb that says “Money goes to money”, which means that if you want to win some, you shouldn’t hesitate to lose some.