Cazino Zeppelin does not play the first violin in the high-class Yggdrasil Ensemble, but the title is in no way inferior to the other highly acclaimed slot machines of the same manufacturer. But what is Cazino Zeppelin all about? It’s a steampunk world with the eponymous Zeppelin and various characters, all of which look a bit wacky and weird.

The modern technology of the slot machine and the usual authentic design make a very good impression, which you will certainly notice as well as we do. Since there’s a machine for every player in the Yggdrasil portfolio that’s particularly appealing, you certainly won’t complain if we introduce you to another video slot of the talented developer.

Technical features

The presentation of Cazino Zeppelin is held in a dreamy, imaginative steampunk style. The Yggdrasil brown dominates the first appearance of the slot machine and so Cazino Zeppelin never gets rid of this impression, even if there is a lot going on on the reels. As usual from Yggdrasil, the machine doesn’t really have rollers, but the symbols turn as if they were attached to rollers. This creative trick gives the developers at Yggdrasil the opportunity to make the symbols a little bigger and to make the machine look a little quieter.

But finally you have to be able to play the machine! You can bet in the usual way, but Cazino Zeppelin is more aimed at the budgeted players, as the maximum bet is a low €10. With each bet you bet automatically with all 20 pay lines, so you only have to adjust the coin value. But Zeppelin is still a willing payer, because it rewards you with up to €20,000 for a win.

Yggdrasil’s Cazino Zeppelin is like all other Yggdrasil slot machines very nice to your hardware and can be played on old computers without any problems. Of course, you can also take your Cazino Zeppelin with you and go on a hunt with your smartphone.

Bonuses and winnings

If you want to win big, you should try to get the portraits of the characters on the reels. How you do it is up to your skill or luck. The zeppelin pilot with the whistle and the pilot’s hat earns you 2,000, but the other symbols also pay off well.

If you manage to keep an eye on the scatter, you can expect up to 20 free spins. That’s a lot, so take your chances! If you get a game on the reels in one of the free spins, it’s sticky. This means it sticks to the position of the reel where it occurred. These Wilds do not leave until all free spins have been used up.

We like the developer’s simplistic idea of only betting on free spins and Wilds. Probably the profit quota would have been too big if you had added more bonuses. But it would have been good for a change if Yggdrasil had designed a bonus game for example. But that’s wishful thinking. Cazino Zeppelin is an excellent slot machine even without many extras!