Gambling addiction Drugs can take different forms and sometimes they affect us without us being aware of it. Gambling is a drug if you can’t control it, which is why we stressed the importance of managing your emotions in our article on self-management.

It exists, why don’t we talk about it?

If some guides prefer to hide the truth from you, we are not among them, for us, gambling addiction exists, it is real and very destructive. So instead of hiding from it, it’s better to warn the players so that they can act accordingly if a “negative” feeling ever takes hold of them.

I’ll tell you a story about a gambler I had some contact with at a meeting of gamblers who had suffered from addiction. This gambler, whom I will call Alice, started to play with a couple of casinos on the internet. She made small deposits and then, one thing led to another, she started to win a little and got a taste for gambling. Except that the problem was that she forgot that winning, especially at the slot machines she was a fan of, was only due to luck. Result after two months: €90,000 spent, all her savings gone up in smoke, a divorce with a husband who couldn’t stand to see her destroy herself like that, who couldn’t stand the incessant lies, in short, a life wasted because of gambling.

Fortunately, such cases are very rare, but one should not hesitate to talk about them because these gamblers are in unimaginable distress. And it is our duty as a guide to warn you, it happens much faster than you think.

How do you know if you are becoming “addicted”?

If you’re an online casino player, then the first sign of weakness when it comes to gambling is not respecting your budget. If you know that you can’t spend more than $200 in a month, then stick to that limit. If you are not able to do so, then you are on the wrong track. Secondly, the communication with those around you should remain clear, after all, there is no shame in playing online casino, so if you feel any, it’s strange and it could lead to social isolation. Finally, if you still think you can recover when you lose money, then in my opinion you should be very careful because your profile could well be that of an addicted gambler. Learning how to lose is the first rule in the casino, never forget it.