Over the years we have been able to test various providers and these are our TOP 3 to play Keno successfully and safely!

Serious provider – Magic Red

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The Lucky Player – PressLuck

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No Secrets – Omnislots

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Select the best casinos for Keno and play only in them to increase your chances

Keno is basically the same everywhere except that the amount of numbers changes and the value of winnings. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are looking for a reputable casino. If you don’t want to play in the official lottery, you’ll find lots of offers on the World Wide Web. Not every casino has online keno on board, but quite a few. That’s why it’s important to first find the platforms that offer it.

Ask yourself the question, what do you actually expect from a casino? Do you only want to play Keno or other games that are offered there? If, for example, you like to play slot games or table games, you should of course look for a casino that offers them. In some casinos there are more than 3,000 different games. You should definitely find what you are looking for there. Take your time with the selection. We’ll give you a few tips along the way so you can get started right away. However, you should think about it for yourself. After all, you should feel comfortable in the casino.

An important point is also the deposit option. Is there a deposit limit? You only want to deposit 10 Euro, but 20 Euro is required? Find another platform. You should also pay attention to the payout. If you win very little and they want to withdraw the credit directly, you should of course make sure that there is no limit of 50 euros. Providers are different and offer customers different advantages and disadvantages.

If you play more often, it may make sense to hire a casino that offers a VIP club or loyalty points. Invest cash, rise further and further and enjoy bonuses, free spins and premiums. Again, you should choose a program that suits you. Ask yourself how much you would like to invest. Those who play many thousands of Euros a month are better off in a VIP Club than with loyalty points. That’s why it makes sense to really compare the casinos. The better you inquire, the more you get for your money. Especially for the one you lose.

We know the characteristics of good Keno Casinos and would like to pass them on to you

Beside your personal feelings, it is important that you bet on a safe casino. In other words, it should have a license and adhere to all guidelines. Licensed operators have to do this anyway, that’s why the license is the most important. Many casinos are located in Malta and are therefore licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. There are also some in Great Britain or Sweden. There are also smaller ones in other EU countries. Whichever casino you choose, make sure it is reputable. It should be SSL-encrypted and present the current privacy policy. You can read them to find out what happens to your valuable data. We show you only reputable providers where you can register immediately. Take advantage of this opportunity and venture a comparison yourself.

Another tip: Pay attention to customer service. Is this 24 hours attainable and this free of charge? If there are only value-added numbers, you should also be sensitive. A good casino helps its customers free of charge, after all you already invest enough money in the machines and games.

Which Keno software in the casino is recommended, there are several providers online?

In general it does not matter from which manufacturer you access and play Keno online. There are several different providers offering keno online. For example from Ezugi, 1×2 Gaming, Net Entertainment, Microgaming etc.. Important is the RTP, which you should know in advance, so that you can estimate your chances best. With an RTP of 96%, for example, you will get 96% of your stakes back. The house has an advantage of 4%. Of course, these are numbers that have been calculated over the long term. You must not immediately assume a 96% chance.

Otherwise it is a matter of taste which Keno environment you choose. Some present modern 3D rooms, others reflect on the old-fashioned design. It is important that you feel comfortable and that you enjoy keno. There’s nothing wrong with switching between the different types. Just note that each system has different numerical specifications. As mentioned, with some you can set 10 for others up to 20.

What is the real probability of winning Keno in online casinos?

As just mentioned, the probability is best derived from the RTP. Otherwise there is no other calculation. It is a game of chance and such always run by chance. However, we give you the tip, play best between 4 and 8 numbers. This is where the probability of winning is highest. If you tick less than 4, you have little chance of winning large amounts. If you are more than 8, the sums are again too low if you win. Remember the scheme and you drive best. Basically it works as always and everywhere. If you like certain numbers, play them again and again. Listen to your gut feeling and accept every possibility.

Is there a Keno strategy that is really successful and makes sense when playing?

Keno is a popular game of chance that is offered on numerous websites. In addition, once a day there is an official draw in the lottery. In this article we would like to explain how Keno works, how it works and give you tips on how to increase your chances of winning. Before that, we’d like to say a few words about how it all started.

Keno has been around for more than 2200 years. The game had its origin in China, where it was invented by Cheung Leung. Allegedly it was supposed to finance the Chinese Wall. At that time there were no numbers, as we know it today, but 120 Chinese characters, which had to be guessed in the apron. The random generator at that time, were white doves, which pulled out small letters with the numbers. Even today there are regions in Asia where white pigeons are used. Therefore the game was called white pigeon game. The results were then transmitted by carrier pigeons to other villages. In the 20th century, the game was introduced by Chinese workers to the USA, where the characters were replaced by numbers. In addition, instead of 120 there was only 80.

shortly summarized for you: The Keno instructions and how best to play this game

Keno is not difficult. If you know how Lotto works, you know how it works. Basically Keno is also a lottery under a different name. In the casinos, 80 numbers are usually chosen, in the official lottery there are only 70. There are also differences in the amount you are allowed to choose. There are games where you choose between 4 and 10, where else there are 2 to 20. If you play at the official keno, there are 2 to 10 numbers. Drawings take place in the lottery every day, in the casino several times a day plus bonus offers waiting for you.

Other than in the lottery you can not only choose different numbers in Keno, you also determine the value of these. The following bets are possible: 1, 2, 5 or 10 Euro. The higher the stake, the more you can succeed in Keno if you choose the right numbers.

To find out how much Euro you win with the stake, you need to determine the Keno type. This is easier than it sounds. If you play 4 numbers, it’s the keno type 4. If you play 10, it’s the keno type 10 and so on. Tip: There is another advantage that players enjoy with Keno. If you play type 8, 9 or 10, you even get your credit back. If you bet 9 or 10 times, you get your bet back twice if none of these numbers appear and if you bet type 8, at least your bet is returned. Even though you lose, you’re actually the winner. A great thing that makes Keno so exciting.

How Keno got into online casinos

This game was invented together with rules and strategies some centuries before Christ’s birth in ancient China. Keno is a lottery game with ancient origins. And that’s why Keno with the right Keno winning numbers can bring a big yield. Just like Bingo and Lotto, which are played worldwide, Keno Lotto, too, has undergone numerous changes regarding the Keno function, before it became an online game as we know it today. Even if you can then find a more detailed article on the rules in Keno ” Keno Rules ” and also have a look at the Keno strategies, you should first look at these basics. This information is orientation advice for an online keno game. Among the tips we emphasize is the need to train your memory, bet on fixed numbers and never select more than eight numbers. Finally, we’ll give you solutions to avoid the house advantage of the casino.

Important: Limits are important when playing. Set your own limits at the casino for your safety

Who gambles his money loses everything. For this reason we always give our readers the tip to set limits. Almost every casino offers this possibility. Limits can be set daily, weekly and monthly. Best one prepares oneself a budget, which one can do without. For example 50 Euro. You can only play with these 50 Euro or with any winnings. More is not used. Many players lose their luck because they become greedy and end up in gambling addiction. Prevent this from happening by knowing what to do and keeping everything under control. After all, you don’t spend more money on shopping than you make, or?

When playing Keno: Keeping the draws always in mind is a good tip for a successful game

When playing Keno online there is the method of the so-called average rule. This allows the player to increase his Euros without a Keno winning plan and is based on a good memory and a little logic. Because if you remember the Keno numbers drawn during the last game, you can try to predict the Keno draw. In general, you can see that certain keno numbers are rarely drawn in keno. Therefore the player has a certain advantage to guess keno winning numbers which are correct, no matter if it’s a game or a tournament.

We noticed one: In keno online on frequently occurring numbers betting has so far always proven

Thereby you bet on the numbers that fall most often. On the Internet you will find statistics of numbers that are regularly drawn in keno. In this way, the player can achieve long-term winnings. However, you should not rely too much on them, but consider them more as a kind of guidebook. They can help you. That is true. But they are no guarantee for success. You should try it anyway, because not infrequently they have led players to success.

The Keno rule of consecutive numbers is one of the most decisive of all rules in this game

Another strategy is to always bet on consecutive numbers. This means, for example, a 19 before a 20 or a 34 before a 35. While players generally tend to choose as many different numbers as possible, you should not ignore the option of two or three consecutive numbers. However, the question of luck and chance also applies here. There is no guarantee that this strategy will work. So it happens that someone is permanently lucky with this strategy and another has never landed even one hit with such a strategy.

The following recipe for success applies to online Keno typing: When playing always select seven to eight numbers

There is also a recipe for success with Keno online typing. The difficulty with Keno is that it is risky to bet on all the right numbers and then in the right order. With keno it is practically impossible to predict the results of the draws. For best results, we recommend that you bet on a small number of numbers. Seven to eight numbers are sufficient.

Please do not forget: You should play there where the house advantage is particularly small. The casino charges an average commission of 5% on all your winnings. In order to bring luck to your side, you should therefore avoid too greedy casinos. You can find more information about this on the Keno DE website.

Get a Keno bonus and enjoy even more advantages in the casinos

Often you will be offered exciting bonus offers with which you can play without risk. Or you use a bonus to deposit to increase your chances of winning. Now we would like to give you some tips about the bonus.

The Online Keno Bonus: Not every online casino provides you with a Keno Bonus. But still enough

Best of all, you are looking for a provider with a high rank. There you will have more chance to get a Keno bonus. If you’re looking for a casino to help you find one that’s right for you, our website is the place to go. We will answer your questions and spoil you with a delicious menu just like a loyal guest deserves, just like in the best restaurants. With regard to the Keno Bonus, it is never wrong to add it to your shopping cart. It increases your chances of winning and increases your chance of winning a jackpot.

Receiving a bonus increases your chances of becoming a successful keno player. The best bonuses are free of charge

The bonus should be free, just like the Keno ticket. There are providers who show players the following on their homepage after registering for free: 1 EUR 2 EUR 3 EUR 4 EUR 5 EUR and 10 EUR. These are no winning odds and no winning odds statistics. It is only about the distribution of a bonus amount with various conditions with regard to the turnover. If you see this somewhere, then you know that a lot of extra cash is waiting for you.

Je larger bonus is, the less tragic it is, if the Keno winning numbers are not in their favor

We already play from 8 years almost around the clock Keno. After such a long time and experience you don’t need a bonus anymore to win big prizes. You have the game so well under control that it almost seems as if luck would be your partner forever. For those of you who are not yet familiar with this lotto game, we recommend to take a bonus in any case, because the chance to make losses without a bonus is higher. We can’t know whether you play bonus games or not. One thing we do know for sure. Keno is like any other lotto game a game of chance. And just because it doesn’t say “Lotto 6aus49” on the ticket doesn’t mean you can’t make a lot of money playing this game. It is advisable to always show responsibility when playing online. This means: Always read the game introduction first, set a minimum bet amount and only then start playing the various Keno games. For important questions you can also contact a service by email, live chat or phone, which will give you any relevant information about the game.