Licensed or unlicensed casinos? On our site, don’t ask yourself the question, all the online casinos we advise you have obtained their gaming license. While some guides offer a bit of “anything and everything”, we have an ethic and we will never send you to an online casino that in reality has no right to operate, it is contrary to our practice. If you are English, we suggest that you visit, this site does everything possible to offer players plenty of information and advice about the online casino.

You hear us talking about gambling licenses but do you at least know what it is and how the online casino can get it? If not, then this article is for you. Follow the following carefully.

Reminder about the gambling license for an online casino

The gaming license for an online casino is exactly the same as an IV license for a bar for example. If that bar does not have a license to serve alcohol and it serves alcohol in spite of that, then it puts itself in a position of illegality in front of the state and very often the bar is closed. For an online casino, it is the same thing, the gambling license allows it to offer its services legally, proving at the same time that it is “respectable” and offers controlled services to its players.

However, this must be qualified for UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, online casinos are not authorized, i.e. the Arjel, the gambling regulator, does not issue licenses to this type of establishment. So do not look for online casinos with a English license from the Arjel, it does not exist and will not exist until the state has legalized online gambling other than poker and sports betting.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t play online casino on the internet, on the contrary, a whole bunch of casinos accept English players, and these establishments have European or other licenses, guaranteeing you total security during your experience on their sites.

Obtaining this license

In order for a casino to be a player we recommend, it needs a license, and to get a license, the casino has no choice but to set up the establishment online first. This means that the site must be ready and must work perfectly, the bonuses must be operational, the payment methods must be chosen and the contracts with the different players already completed.

Only then will the casinotist be able to apply for a licence to a state body, as exists for example in Malta, Cyprus or Gibraltar for Europe (there are others). Some obtain licences that are a little more “distant” but just as effective, as in Costa Rica or the Philippines, for example.

If the organism judges that the casino complies with the rules imposed by this organism (many controls are carried out) and that the safety of the player will be respected, then the licence is granted and the casino can then offer its services in a legal way.