Get the thrill of a casino straight to your home by playing Live Baccarat online! Instead of going to a casino to play against a dealer, the dealer comes straight to you. So you can have the best of both worlds: The stationary casino and the online casino.

Live Baccarat – play with real dealers in the live casino

When you play Live Baccarat, you play against real dealers in live casinos, but you see him in real time on your computer screen. Instead of playing against computer software, a real dealer shuffles the cards, deals them, proceeds to the third card – and you can experience it all from the comfort of your own home; or wherever you want.

Rules – How Live Baccarat is played

The first thing you need to know: The interface of Live Baccarat is very similar to that of classic online Baccarat. You place your bet by clicking on one of the boxes on the screen. Just like Baccarat in a stationary casino or Online Baccarat, you can bet on one of three options: The player, the bank or the tie.

Check the pages of the casino where you wish to play for the minimum or maximum bet allowed. However, the minimum stakes at Live Baccarat are usually slightly higher than those at regular online Baccarat to compensate for the cost of video production and dealer payment.

There are a number of players at the table who will also play live. You can chat with other players and get a sense of community that you can experience in a real casino. You won’t find this sense of community in normal online Baccarat.

Statt digital cards, the dealer uses real cards. He shuffles the cards and deals two cards to each player and to the banker. The Dealer will deal a third card according to the “Third Card Rule”, see below for more information on this rule.

The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to 9 points with the sum of the cards. The live dealer calls the points and continues with the pre-determined third card rule if necessary. If you win, the amount will be credited to your online casino account and you can withdraw the winnings via your preferred banking method. In order to make sure your winnings are really positive in your wallet, you can look around for information here: Baccarat Money Management.

If you’d like to get a first feel for what it’s like to play Live Baccarat: There are a lot of videos where you can see how a Live Baccarat Casino is set up and how the game works. Then you’ll be able to judge whether you’re more comfortable with normal online Baccarat than with the atmosphere of a live Baccarat game.

Advantages of Live Baccarat

  •  You can play against a live dealer without having to leave your home;
  •   Suspicious online players can feel safe, because you can watch the dealer shuffle and deal cards while they are being dealt;
  •  You can watch the dealer shuffle and deal cards;  You can play at any time;
  •    You can enhance the live experience by communicating with the dealer and other players at the table;
  •   Play with real cards instead of digital cards;
  •   The House Advantage of Baccarat Online and Live Baccarat are no different.

Game History

At the beginning of each game, the dealer shuffles the cards and deals two cards each to the players and the banker. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to nine points with the two cards.

Live Baccarat is exceptionally simple: you only have to place one of three possible bets. In the interface, you choose either the bet for the banker or the player to get as close as possible to the nine points, or you choose a tie.

You can easily calculate the points you have. The cards 2-9 have their face value, a 10 or a card with a picture is worth 0 points, an ace is worth 1 point. So if you have a 7 and a 10, you have a total of 7 points, because the 10 is worth nothing.

Whether the player and the banker get a third card, is determined by a set of rules described below and observed by the dealer. After the “third card rule” has been applied, the player with the closest 9 points wins. If you made your bet on this hand, you win your bet.

Frequently asked questions about Live Baccarat

Can I also play mobile (on a smartphone or tablet)?

There are some online casinos that also offer Live Baccarat mobile; check out the casino of your choice. It is still common to play this Baccarat variant on your computer.

There is free Live Baccarat?

In the majority of cases you can’t practice for free because the production costs for creating the live streams and hiring the dealer are simply too high. However, you can watch Baccarat videos offered by the casinos to get a feel for the live casino environment. In some online casinos you can watch running games before making your deposit.

Regular Baccarat you can practice for that here: gratis Baccarat.

There are different Live Baccarat variations?

You have to check every casino to see which Live Baccarat version is offered there. Usually Live Baccarat is played at a classic Baccarat table, but there is also Mini Baccarat. Here you play with fewer players at a smaller table. Sometimes Chemin de Fer is also offered, this is the classic French Baccarat version, you can often find it in European online casinos.

Different chances between online Baccarat and live Baccarat?

No, the chances are the same in both Baccarat games, but there may be small differences between online casinos.