Live Dealer: will you prefer it to other flash games? In English, we say “croupier en direct”, but in English, the expression is translated as “Live Dealer”, and it is probably the one you are already familiar with because it is the one used by online casinos, even English-language casinos. If you already know what a casino game with Live Dealer is, then this article will tell you more about it, especially about the technical side of it, but if you have never heard of it, expect to literally hallucinate with pleasure because finally your online casino comes to life.

Discover the casino live UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, a revolutionary way to play that comes from the physical casinos in Asia.

How many times, as professionals, we have heard gamblers complain that online casinos are fine but that they will never replace a land-based casino, simply because the casino staff, especially the croupiers (so you understand that these thoughts belonged only to the table players) are irreplaceable and it is this “social” aspect that makes the land-based casino a gambler’s paradise. Each live dealer has his or her own personality, and some players organize their games according to which dealer is officiating.

So, first of all, you should know that in small land-based casinos, there are more and more automated games, such as roulette for example, but that’s not the subject of our article.

You should know that online casinos have taken these thoughts very seriously and that’s why they decided to react and therefore to bring you back the croupiers that you missed so much, in your virtual casino. Isn’t that great? So you can combine the comfort of your home with the gaming quality of a land-based casino, if of course you still think they are more attractive. What more could you ask for?

Which online games are compatible with the live casino mode? We list them here

If you’re going to try your hand at live dealers, then you’ll need to keep some key information in mind. Not all games are compatible with the live dealer casino mode, you’ll soon find out. Oh yes, and by the way, it’s not because you’re playing for real that martingales are as effective… Most of the time, betting limits prevent you from using them.

Let’s go back to our list of games. In a live casino space, you will simply find the games that are already being played with dealers in a physical casino. In other words, say hello to blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker in a live casino, and don’t count on video poker or slots games in live dealer areas!

Before you want to win in live casino, we advise you to first learn how to play

Before you choose to have fun and win your money with the live casino, remember that you must learn to play in a way that you probably wouldn’t think of playing bonuses without reading the terms and conditions first. Believe us, the time you spend learning and understanding the rules of the table games will be time invested for better winnings.

Live casino online is not a very easy mode to play, so it’s better to acquire some gaming reflexes and focus on the current blackjack or poker roulette game rather than asking yourself basic questions every time you play live casino.

The dealer won’t have time to train you!

How does the Live dealer casino mode work? Here are the technical backgrounds of this online gaming mode

Indeed, it is now quite possible to play roulette or blackjack from home, for example, and have a real (human) dealer in front of you who talks to you and animates your table as if you were sitting in front of him. Most good English casinos now offer this live casino option in English.

How is this possible? Actually, it’s very simple, it’s exactly the same as a live broadcast of an event such as a football match or a TV show, except that here we film the croupier. So he has a whole bunch of cameras fixed in front of him, so you can see him perfectly, as well as your gaming table.

But how does he know what to do? Simply because he too has a screen in front of him that transmits exactly the information that you enter on your casino interface. For example, during a game of blackjack at a live casino with a dealer, if you decide that you need an extra card, then that information will be displayed in front of the dealer who will draw a card for you, exactly the same way as if you had instructed your land-based casino dealer to do so. And what’s great is that you’ll have multiple players sitting at the same table, again, just like in a land-based casino.

What improvements will we see in the live casino of the future? Here’s what we’ve envisioned

With improvements coming soon, such as the transmission of sound in addition to video, you will be able to chat with your dealers. Nothing will differentiate the online game from the real game anymore. Finally, with the virtual reality coming, you can expect to be entering virtual games from your living room in a few years time that will have all of the real stuff. It’s up to you the casino live croupier as if you were playing at the casino of Monte-Carlo!

What if you find the operator of your dreams while looking for the best live casino? Here is how to proceed

Are you convinced by our guide to live casino UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and would like to be able to put all these tips into practice? If you don’t yet have a player account at an online casino, then take the opportunity to choose the best operator for all your needs.

Either way, the world of live casino gaming is run by the king of the industry, Evolution Gaming. If you sign up with an operator that provides the games of this publisher, then you are sure to have found the best live casino. Its software is powerful and not only compatible on a computer, you will also find it on a mobile casino.
And if you want to take a step back from the live casino? What are the other options left?

If you want to take a bowl at an online casino, away from your favorite live dealer, then focus on other casino games. For example, it’s not just live blackjack and live roulette, you can also win money on flash online games like real money baccarat for example . Slots are also all the rage among online casino games that do not require a live dealer.

Play now on the best sites, and make sure to choose a multi-talented establishment to ensure you vary the pleasures! Don’t hesitate to read the review of the most famous online casinos, the review of their welcome bonuses and visit these sites yourself to get your own idea of the subject and to find out if you will be able to access a English live casino space.