Payout ratesNow that you know everything about bonuses, we must also talk to you about what surrounds them, that is to say all the other notions that you are going to have to know to evolve in an online casino, not to be fooled, to become better, to improve yourself until you become a professional or at least a more than confirmed amateur of these sites that propose you to become rich.

One of the first things to know is of course profitability, after all, you have a budget to respect and a winning goal, so you might as well know which game will bring you the most money. If you’re interested, then in that case, you should definitely follow our article carefully.

A useful fact

The payout rate, does that mean anything to you? Those who read in detail all the annotations of online casinos on their site must have already heard about it. The payout rate (also known as the “payout ratio”) is a percentage that will tell you directly about the profitability of the game you are playing. Because you can’t calculate it yourself, the online casino must tell you if you ask them. And believe us, the online casino can always get the information, most of the time through the game publisher who has all the data about the game.

A simple calculation

Even if you can’t calculate it by yourself, it seems relatively interesting to us that you understand how to get this data. The payout rate will tell you how much of the players’ bets will be redistributed as winnings. To do this, you just need to take a predefined period of time, such as a week, for example, and in that week the players’ bets will be counted. Then the casino or the publisher also counts the winnings made on the game. Once these two data are known, then there is only a simple calculation to do: you divide the winnings by the bets and multiply by 100 since it is a percentage.

Let’s take an example: during the week, the slot machine made $50,000 in bets and all players combined received $45,000 in winnings that week. So the calculation is as follows: 45000 / 50000 = 0.9 which you multiply by 100 afterwards, making 90%. The payout rate is therefore 90%, which means that 90% of the wagers are paid out as winnings.

Casinos don’t win a lot

Legend has it that online casinos make a lot of money but in reality the profits are quite small when you see that for example, a game that we recommend to use has to be between 95% and 99% in payout rate, so there is almost nothing left for the online casino.

Note that this value is an average and therefore it is not because you are playing on the machine that you will win 90% of what you bet, this would be called “playing at a loss”. Sometimes some players win nothing, and others win much more than they bet.