Players' forumsSince we created this site, many of you have been asking us where you can find the big bonuses from online casinos. It’s a question we’re happy to answer because we know the answer will benefit a large number of players, thousands who follow us daily, in every corner of the globe.

And what better way to exchange good deals like bonuses than through the gaming community. So today we’re going to introduce you to the player forums, not many of you know them and that’s a shame.

A good plan, go to the forum

What we told you in the introduction is totally true, the forums are the most interesting virtual places when it comes to exchanging good deals, good addresses, etc.. So to begin with, of course, you need to know what a forum is: it’s a website or a space on the site where players can meet to exchange information. In the case of bonuses, it is not uncommon for players who get an interesting bonus to come to the forums to post the casino that made them happy. Therefore, all players who then read the post will be able to go to the casino to enjoy it. For your information, a post is what forum participants write online, we could call it a comment as well. What often happens is that the information is relayed through social networks, so here the post takes on a different dimension, it can become really widespread if it is interesting.

If you want to go to a good forum, then no doubt, the one on the online site will fully satisfy you thanks to its many relevant sections and especially the thousands of registered players who make exchanges very rich.

Need information, the forum is there

Of course, if you need any information, the players’ forum should be your first reflex. For example, you’ve just discovered a new online casino but you don’t know what it offers yet, you don’t trust it yet and on specialized sites like ours, you can’t find anything, probably because the casino is too new. In this case, it is better to go to a forum because it is almost certain that the players will have already made comments that will allow you to consolidate the idea you have of the establishment.

Assets, liabilities? It’s up to you to choose

Assets and liabilities are the terms used to designate visitors to the forum. A passive visitor is one who won’t take the time to register, who just needs to read the information and who won’t exchange. Most visitors are passive, you can imagine that the most interesting is the active visitor who will take 5 minutes to register and then, every time he has the opportunity, will ask a question, answer some, make interesting comments, share his good tips, etc..

If you feel involved in the community, then there is only one thing to do, participate in the evolution of the online casino players forums. You should also know that in Norway, in Oslo to be more precise, players have created bars especially for them to meet each other, an idea that will soon arrive in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa perhaps.