Progressive jackpotsOh, is that right? Is this about the money you’re playing for? At least you’re completely honest and we have to admit that’s what we like about you. We want to be honest with you too, it’s on this value that we base our relationship with you, so we have to admit it, it’s also for the money that we play mainly, even if relaxing, having fun is also very important for us. We do not conceive of playing with boredom, it seems incredible but believe us, it exists.

Anyway, today we are here to show you the most obvious way to win a ton of money by playing at online casino: progressive jackpots.

Have you heard of  progressive jackpots?

Never heard of progressive jackpots? It’s strange because online they are so popular that online casinos bet a lot on them to attract a large number of players.

In fact, these are the games that we call progressive in a casino. That means that in reality, when you play this game, you have the opportunity to win a prize pool that evolves in real time thanks to the bets of the players who are on the slot machine in question, for example.

How is this possible? It’s very simple, the casinos that use the same games, those of Betsoft for example, are connected to the same network for the game in question. This means that for every bet that a player makes, one part will be distributed to the casino of course that hosts the player and the rest will go into this jackpot.

A really attractive way to play

Then you can see why games in progressive mode are interesting: because the more players who are on the games, the faster the prize pools evolve, hence the term “progressive” and of course, the bigger the prize pool, the more it motivates players to come and try their luck. It’s just like Lotto, the bigger the potential prize pool, the more players will rush to try and get the money.

At online casinos, some games make you win thousands of euros very easily and some prizes can even reach millions of euros. Imagine that this is your day, the prize pool will be yours.

Note that from now on, all games can be switched to progressive mode even if it is much more often the slot machines that are.

Winning a jackpot, a dream for players

Yes it’s a dream but it can quickly become reality if you give yourself the means to do so, and when we talk about means we mean literally because progressive slots are expensive, much more expensive than traditional ones and the annoying thing here is that it will be impossible for you to use a bonus because online casinos don’t allow them.