Sponsorship programsIn an online casino, you have a whole bunch of programs that allow you to get advantages that are not to be neglected. One of these programs is called “referral”. Sponsorship in an online casino is no different from sponsorship in a store or another merchant site. You are actually going to recommend the online casino to one or more people you know so that they also benefit from the quality services of the casino.

There is no limit to the number of players you can refer and invite. Of course, these are your friends, so I guess you won’t be so greedy as to offer them a casino that you don’t think is good just to enjoy what the casino will give you.

It is also important to note that the casino only accepts one player per IP address per computer, so you will not be able to invite a family member or someone living in your household, at the risk of getting kicked out of the casino without notice.

You all want to know what the benefits of this program are? Then read on:

Benefits for you as a referrer

If you are in the position of a referrer, then the nicest benefit is of course the bonus you will receive which will act as a reward from the casino to thank you for putting your sales skills to work for the establishment. It’s as if you were a salesperson for the casino and you can imagine that generally, the casino-lovers like that. That’s why the bonus is rather nice: 50€ on average which will allow you to win a few hundred euros if you win, to be used on the slot machines of course.

Benefits for your friends

If you are the sponsored person, then sometimes you also receive a free welcome bonus, but let’s face it, this is quite rare. For you, the advantage is simply to arrive at an online casino that has already been tested by one of your friends and is therefore, for sure, quality. Considering how difficult it is to find a 100% safe establishment on the first try, believe me that you will thank your friend from the bottom of your heart.

What about the casino in all this?

Of course, the casino takes advantage of this referral situation, otherwise offering bonuses would certainly not be profitable for them. We know how difficult it is to compete because there are so many online casinos on the net, so this solution of having the players themselves bring back players who are already aware of how the casino works is “blessed bread” for them. In other words, this is a good marketing operation with a satisfactory return on investment.