You’re wearing beard again today, and that’s a good thing. Especially for the hairdressers, who are very well visited for this reason. And also the the popular games provider Thunderkick has recognized the trend and is happy about the large influx. After all, the facial mane needs to be well cared for.

No matter whether you are a bearded wearer or prefer smooth baby skin on your face – you shouldn’t miss the Online Slot Barber Shop!

Also, gentlemen: try it out! Millions of women can’t be wrong, there’s nothing like a relaxing visit to the hairdresser.

And, ladies: You can also get your money’s worth with this slot. Where else can you find so many good-looking men neatly lined up? If you like, you can also drop off your own man in the barbershop and enjoy your free time while your husband is among his hairy sexes. You will get him back happy and freshly shaved, promised.

We have already tested the game for you and may tell you, it’s worth it!

Technical properties

Lean back and enjoy the scent of shaving foam and shampoo in the relaxing ambience of a barbershop.

With five reels and, believe it or not, 25 paylines, you might end up being the one who shaves.

You can stay relaxed even if you’re there for the first time. You have countless chances to win, even from $0.10. The maximum bet is $100 dollars.

The design of the game shows that Thunderkick’s gentlemen know what’s important in a barbershop. The theme is perfectly implemented and catapults you from your living room directly into the salon.

Here you can easily endure several hours and relax with beautiful music. The winning symbols introduce you to the latest and oldest beards and hairstyle trends. You are spoilt for choice. You will also see on the rollers the equipment you need to care for your hair. Let yourself be inspired!

From shaving cream to shaving brush everything is included.

If you like it authentic, you can also go to a real barbershop or hairdresser and switch on the autoplay function. Between five and 5000 Spins are then safe to you, while you enjoy for example a Kopfmassage.

And finally, with luck, maybe your hairdressing bill or even more is paid.

Bonuses and winnings Game description

Three equal symbols in a row will give you a win. And now comes the trick: before the winnings land in your account, a re-spin follows. All the other symbols will now be shuffled, in style, in shaving cream. If they land a new hit now, you can congratulate yourself. There are more re-spins as long as you hit more winning combinations.

A bonus symbol also exists in the Barber Shop, and this triggers the scatter function when the symbol appears five times in a row. This may seem a lot to you now, but once you have it at least three times in a row, you can re-spin it and increase to five symbols. If that’s not a lucky streak!

If you think that’s all there is to it, be wrong. Yes, there is also a Free Spins. Once activated, you start with 10 completely free spins. And also this time you can be pleased, if you discover three symbols in a row, because you win each time further two Spins! So you can skim up to 30 free spins!

As a special extra, with each re-spin a multiplier is used that grows with each new spin, single, double, triple and fabulous fivefold! That smells like profit!

If we tell you now that this round ends with the Inwinity Spin, you can’t hold yourself on the hairdresser’s chair for joy anymore, can you? With this spin, the machine will not stop until you win.

Do you already know the smart gentleman with the impressive orange beard? Remember his face and hope that he is a regular customer in the Barber Shop and appears five times in a row, because then you can expect forty times the payout of your bet!

This slot we can simply warmly recommend to you. Confusion and boredom excluded. Whether man or woman, whether Nackedei or Rapunzel – we love this Unikat simply!