Starburst is the classic NetEnt vending machine. The game with the retro theme, the screaming, bright colors and effects, the cool 80s music has burned itself into the hearts of the players for several years. The responsible people are quickly found: The 50,000 Euro Starburst Jackpot, the groundbreaking graphics, the attractive combinations – because Star Burst keeps its promise to deliver quality from another star.

The mood that comes up with these machines is hard to beat. Because the Starburstsymbol turns, dances and gives us earth dwellers again and again free plays. Who likes to do without heavenly gifts like these? We certainly wouldn’t… we would completely lack the sense and understanding, if we wouldn’t weaken our presentation at the Starburst slot machine, which resembles a laser show. Starburst promises to kidnap you into a world of winnings and fun on a galactic level!

Use the Starburst Free Spins and achieve even more winnings with the superior features of the slot

With Starburst Free Spins you can usually make your first steps at the casino without making a deposit. Starburst Free Spins without deposit do not come rarely and let them spin the roller 10, 20 times over more often. With the help of these non deposit Starburst Free Spins, many players have emerged as winners because they had no doubts about their ability to win.

If you think this simple video slot called Starburst disappoints you with its straightforwardness, you are light years away from the truth. You can play Starburst in your NetEnt casino via desktop, tablet and smartphone, while you enjoy the same interstellar graphics and superior game mechanics on all devices.

To make sure you don’t get bored after a few hours with Starburst, Starburst comes with features like wild symbols, multipliers, scatter symbols and free spins. If you use a feature like Wilds and Co to succeed with the 10 paylines, you already have the knack.

Many say the Starburst slot is the father of all modern slot machines. What could be the reason?

This slot machine tries to win the favor of the player with 5 reels and 3 rows and offers 10 paylines to choose from. The coin value of Starburst can be chosen between €0.01 and €1.00, additionally you as a player have the possibility to bet up to 10 coins per payline. This results in possible bets between €0.01 and €100. The jackpot is an impressive €50,000 if the coin value of €1.00 is chosen. This slot machine also convinced us with detailed settings for music, sounds, graphics and much more.

The rest of the game window gives you information about credits, bets, paylines and a reminder that there are 50,000 coins to win. We’ll see you jumping up and down in your living room because you’ve got euro signs in your eyes when it comes to the number of coins! Starburst Casino, that simply fits together.

Simply snatch a bonus and make even more great winnings at Starburst Casino

What we admire most about this slot is the innovative Starburst Wild icon, which can turn the game completely upside down (and we mean that in a positive way). This feature only appears on the three middle reels, with the star symbols covering the entire reel. When the stars appear, up to three spins are made and the highest winnings are paid. So the jackpot doesn’t seem far away anymore. Playing Starburst is always a thrill.

For all those who think you have to buy Starburst to play: No, you can make your Starburst experience without any money. And Starburst is English or English – depending on how you want it to be. So you just accept your Starburst bonus, switch to the game and you’re ready to go. That’s what makes slots like Starburst so good. Online casinos have made it easy for players to play their games without having to have a degree in computer science.

The pros here use every free spin and every Euro bonus they can get to get even more winnings. As always, the technical features of this slot machine mean that a high stake is always worthwhile, but it is not mandatory. So you can say that all players with Starburst Online Casino can find their luck. It plays no role, how much money one can deposit.

Almost all casinos have Starburst on-line in the Aufgebot, that is that you come almost always into the benefit

If the rollers with Starburst on-line turn, then feelings come up like with a stellar acceleration. This on-line Slot is with the largest and best Casinos of the world, Mr Green, LeoVegas etc. one of the fan favorites – and for years! Every online casino with NetEnt slot machines knows what it has in Starburst and its timeless design. Often you as a player can even try it for free and sometimes you don’t even have to register for it. Starburst is simply one of the most important video slots of all time, which takes on other fan favourites such as Roulette and Blackjack in a playful way.

With the Starburst slot you can indulge in memories and revive the 1980 flair, because Starburst is a video slot machine that scores with user-friendliness and atmospheric density. The Starburst Free Spins are the perfect introduction for ambitious players who want to play Starburst for free. With a payout ratio of approximately 96%, it’s a low-risk game that can take you for hours. Just give it a try, you won’t regret it!

See you on the stars!