The ABCs of online casinos You are about to enter our world of English online casinos! We will guide you to a better understanding of these gambling sites that could become your new favorite attraction. You will find in this section of our site absolutely everything there is to know about online gambling, it’s not us who said it, but Cedric, the owner of the site, which is rather flattering for us. From choosing your online casino to choosing your payment methods and progressive jackpots, you’ll get up to speed in no time.

Online casinos: a wise choice

The choice of online casino you decide to play at will determine your level of entertainment. We’ll make sure to list all the criteria you’ll need to take into account in order to win money and have fun at online casinos. You will see that it will be extremely simple, since our experts know all the good plans to have fun at low cost on the English virtual casinos!

Payment methods

The goal for online casino players is to wager money and withdraw it after winning a few jackpots. However, in order to achieve this goal, you will have to go through our list of payment options at English online casinos. We have prepared a list of withdrawal options that you will be able to use when you wish to make transactions at online casinos. What’s more, all of our payment solutions are 100% certified and reliable.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are common jackpots that exist on many online casino games. You’ll find them most commonly found on online slots, but not only. We’ll explain how these progressive jackpots work, as well as the best of them! You’ll see for yourself that it’s far from a bluff, since major game providers crown a lot of winners every month, who often walk away with millions of euros!

Payout rates and player forums

We’ve saved the best for last, since it’s the player payout rate. You’ll finally understand how winnings work and how you get your money. And don’t forget the player forums, which can be a real gold mine at times. You will find explanations on the function of these forums, as well as the information you can find there. Once you’ve learned these two points, the online casinos will have no more secrets for you, and you can check out our ranking of online gambling site operators to start the adventure!

Available games

Of course, if you’ve ever played at a land-based casino, you know more or less the games you’ll find at an online casino, but believe me, you’ll be surprised at the choice that will be offered to you at an online casino. You will certainly not believe it. On top of that, you will of course have totally exclusive games. We won’t tell you more, you will find your answers in our article.

Live Dealers

It is probably the most revolutionary way of playing in online casinos and it is still evolving, believe us. But for the moment we won’t talk about future improvements, but about what’s already available, and it’s already huge. For all table players, especially blackjack, baccarat and roulette lovers, you should all know and have tried a game in Live Dealer mode, it will change your life as a player, that’s for sure. We leave it up to you to be the judge and look forward to your verdict.

Online casino licenses

The online casino you are currently playing in, certainly has a gambling license, or at least we hope it does if you have chosen it on our site. The gaming license is the legal authorization for a casino to operate on the net and without it, it becomes illegal. Come and learn more about how this license works, how to obtain it and the security it provides to players.


Managing your behavior and feelings during casino games is a very important element, even essential if you want to stay in this world. We have put in place a personal management method that can help you if you don’t want the game to get the better of you. All players who have tried it so far are happy with it, so why not you?


Ah the referral is the nicest program we know of in an online casino because it benefits everyone, players and casino alike. For those of you who are already registered at the casino and wish to sponsor friends, you will be greatly rewarded by the establishment. If you want to know more about it and thus enjoy your little gift, do not hesitate to read our article specially prepared for you.

Free of charge

If you want to play at the online casino but you don’t want to spend a penny, it’s quite possible and that’s thanks to the free games that you can find all over the net. In addition to being really nice, they are super useful, find out why in our article.


We couldn’t forget to talk about that term that is very much part of the online casino vocabulary, addiction. Because yes, some players can suffer from addictive gambling behavior and our role is to prevent this. You will find everything you need to know in our article.