The bonus: a real dealThese days, I work in a large English company that exports wine abroad. This is how I get the opportunity to travel around the world and taste the different gambling cultures on the planet and share my feelings with you. To date I have had the opportunity to spend time with so many players from so many different countries and what has always shocked me is that everywhere else, the bonus terms are always accepted without contest but in UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, players can’t help but discuss the terms of the bonus, the conditions surrounding these promotions. Even I, at the beginning, when I didn’t necessarily understand what this was all about, I was always on the back foot with this bonus story, but once I took the time to analyse the texts, I understood that there was no reason to be “afraid” of them.

The idea of a contract is justified

I’ve never seen it anywhere else, but I, personally, like to think that when I activate a bonus, I’m actually making a contract with the online casino. Why a contract? It’s very simple: both parties have obligations that they must respect, a bit like an employment contract that obliges the employer to welcome the employee in good conditions and offer him a salary in exchange for work and that obliges the employee to provide quality services during his working hours.

In an online casino, it is the same and on the casino’s side, the latter undertakes to offer you the sum announced during the advertising of the bonus and to pay you your winnings if you generate some during your game, in exchange, you undertake to respect the conditions of the bonus. You don’t know what the conditions are yet? Don’t worry, we tell you everything in the following paragraph.

The terms of the contract

When you activate a bonus, this is what you will have to comply with:

  • A minimum number of bets: in exchange for the amount offered by the casino, the casino asks you to play a minimum number of times before being able to recover your winnings. If this number of bets is not reached, then you will have no chance to make a withdrawal. This seems perfectly normal to me because otherwise the bonuses would amount to money offered by the casino, which would lead the casino to bankruptcy within a few months. To know where you are in your bets, a counter is often installed on the main screen of the game.
  • A capped withdrawal: when you read these words, this is when you panic thinking you won’t be able to withdraw. This is not the definition of “capped”. It actually means that there is a maximum amount set for withdrawal, but it is often set at thousands of euros, more than enough to make you happy.

There, you know the terms of the bonus contract now. Does this seem insurmountable to you? I don’t think so, so go quickly find out where the best bonuses are, a tip: look at our Top 5 casinos.