Ah, Lara Croft, how sexy you are! But please don’t accuse us of sexism now! That has nothing to do with it. After all, the enchanting adventurer invented by Toby Gard is undisputedly the most enigmatic and sensual personality of the 21st century. The heiress of the Croft family has simply everything: a dream body, extraordinary athletic abilities, a clear head in every situation and a strong personality. You probably already know her first adventures from Tomb Raider, but in Tomb Raider 2: The Secret of the Sword something much better awaits you. Because this Microgaming developed video slot with 5 reels and 30 payment lines continues the young archaeologist’s adventure. As the game’s name suggests, you must help the adventurer find an ancient sword of inestimable value. Are you ready for incredible journeys and adventures alongside the most charming of all the young ladies? Perfect, but watch out for your “dual guns”!

Will Lara Croft be successful?

From an aesthetic point of view, this second part of Lara Croft’s adventure remains relatively faithful to the original Eidos Interactive game. This slot machine features several icons that remind you of the legendary Grave Slayer’s many adventures. You can rediscover the leading actress in her most beautiful outfits, which are always adapted to every situation – evening wear, motorcycle clothing, sports equipment and of course the eternal short overall, the belt and the top that all men love!

From a financial point of view this second part of Tomb Raider will not drive you to ruin… At Tomb Raider 2: The Secret of the Sword you can bet up to 300 tokens maximum, but you must know that you can already participate with one cent in the incredible adventure of the beautiful Lara who is looking for an ancient sword with unimaginable power. This slot also features a secret €15,000 jackpot that can only be won if the player bets the maximum amount. That’s how life is. Sometimes you have to make decisions!

Discover the adventurer in you!

As usual with the Microgaming slot machines, you can flatter the pretty Lara with numerous bonuses, but also reap great winnings. An icon of the heroine serves as a wild symbol with which you can put together any number of winning combinations. In this second part, you’ll also find a scatter symbol that you can use to get up to 10 free spins. This is Excalibur’s key! If the player succeeds in unblocking the game’s Super Mode, he can use this key to find the sword and clear a good deal of money. Despite all the positive aspects, the challenge in Tomb Raider 2: The Secret of the Sword is to unlock the mini bonus game “World Adventure”. To do this, you must get the passport symbol in the middle of the reels. After placing your stamp on one of the pages, you can travel to five different locations and try to collect the pieces of the ancestor’s sword. However, this is anything but easy as you will have to overcome many dangers and obstacles.