Withdrawal solutions Hopefully our bonus recommendations will still allow you to make big gains in your life as an online casino player, but between us, the most important gain, the one you will remember for a long time, is of course the first one. But this moment is also one of the most stressful for a player because he doesn’t yet know how to get his winnings back and then you may also have a little apprehension, this is normal with everything you hear or read about those players who never get anything back because their casino is too dishonest to pay them their winnings.

Between us, it’s sad for these players but they should also have listened to our recommendations at the casino level, it wouldn’t have happened!

The bank transfer, the preferred method of the English people

In an online casino, when you win, it is quite possible to receive your money to your bank account, the one you use every day. To do this you need to use a bank transfer, don’t worry, this is an option that the casino offers every time. For this operation to be valid, you must first have made a valid request. You must therefore send a copy of your ID card for verification and a copy of your bank card if that is how you deposited. Don’t forget to attach your bank details so that the accounting department can have your money sent.

This method is very much appreciated by the players as they will see their bank account credited within a reasonable time, about 3 days. Be careful though, some casinos charge for bank transfers if they are less than 150€. Be sure to check the rates before making the transfer.

Neteller, the method we recommend

For us, Neteller is without a doubt the best payment solution that exists whether you want to deposit or take back your winnings with its cousin Skrill. Today, we will always recommend you to use this type of method as it will make your life easier, we have already discussed it in the article about deposit solutions. For withdrawal, you only need to trigger it with your passwords. Then, in less than 48 hours, the money should arrive on your Neteller account, then it’s up to you to decide how you will use it: some people prefer to send it anyway to the current bank account, others prefer to withdraw the money in cash with the Neteller card, and finally others prefer to use it on the net, on sites that allow you to pay with Neteller.

The check, the method that tends to disappear

We won’t dwell on the check since this method is gradually disappearing and nobody uses it anymore even though a few online casinos still offer it. For us, there is no point in asking for a check unless you want to take the risk that it will never arrive.